Read about how we manage to make our service free… and find out more about how you can support us…

Yes, this service really is free to use, making some of our very satisfied clients and referrers amazed at how we manage to provide something so effective for no charge.

Well, here’s how….

Let’s Keep Talking is a Community Interest Company, which means that we do not make a profit for ourselves, but use the profits we make on our commercial activities to support charitable ventures.  Before we set up as a company in our own right, Suzi Curtis, director of Let’s Keep Talking  ran a free face-to-face therapy service in Liverpool, called Conversations in Cafés, where she took her therapy services out into the community and offered them free of charge to those most in need and least able to access mainstream therapy services.  This practice continued and expanded when lockdown came,  and she set up Let’s Keep Talking.

As demand for our service increased, we recognised that we could not manage to finance a sustainable service, even with the help of our wonderful volunteers. After launching a small GoFundMe campaign, we were lucky enough to encounter the people who run Your Lottery, back in May 2021.

Your Lottery is a fund-raising organisation who are really embedded in Let’s Keep Talking’s core community, in Liverpool. Their small but dedicated and enthusiastic team of door-to-door ambassadors work hard to explain to people why Let’s Keep Talking is such a valued and needed service and how paying just £5 per month can not only help to keep this service running but also give them the chance to win up to £10,000 by playing the lottery.

Since we started our collaboration with Your Lottery, we have had so many people getting in touch to tell us what a great idea the Lottery is and how clearly and passionately our ambassadors speak about Let’s Keep Talking. If you are lucky enough to have a house call from one of our ambassadors, I’m sure you’ll understand why! If you haven’t yet had that pleasure but would like to join up to support our lottery anyway, you can do so here.

In recognition of the good work that Let’s Keep Talking does to help the most vulnerable people , living in the most deprived areas of Liverpool, we have also received two grants from Liverpool Citizens Advice on Prescription service, who have described our service as a “lifeline” and said that they simply did not know where to refer many of the people they see on a daily basis, before we existed!

Of course, we also could not offer a free service without the support of our amazing volunteers, who you can read about in our other blog!